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Interactive Images & Walkthroughs

Would you like to look inside and outside of the airport? Below are some interactive images for different areas of the terminal building. You can view where passengers check-in their hold luggage, the waiting area in the departures lounge and the boarding gates, amongst other areas.

Use your mouse to move the images around and get a 360° view of each area.

Departures Forecourt

Take a tour outside of the departures area and see where you can park to drop off passengers.

Checkin Area

Take a look at the check-in desks and the surrounding area.

Departures Lounge

Floor 1 of the departures lounge is where you will find the duty free shop.

Boarding Gates & Waiting Area

There is ample seating where passengers can wait to board an aeroplane.

Baggage Reclaim Area

Explore the area where passengers collect their hold luggage.