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Lost Luggage & Property

One of the worst nightmares for any traveller is being the last person at the baggage carousel and realising that your luggage is not coming! It does happen to some people, but luckily, it is not that common at Fuerteventura airport.

If you are unlucky and this happens to you, the first thing to do is report it to your luggage handler. There are four handlers at the airport, so first look at the monitor on the baggage carousel to find out which handler is responsible, and then proceed to their desk to report your lost luggage.

All the handlers and their locations are shown below.

Handling Operator
Atlántica Handling
Floor 0 - Baggage reclaim hall
(+34) 902 491 492
Floor 0 - Baggage reclaim hall
(+34) 928 860 506
Floor 0 - Baggage reclaim hall
(+34) 928 860 867
Floor 0 - Check-in area
(+34) 928 862 640

When you report lost luggage, you will be asked for your passport and address you will be staying at in Fuerteventura. The staff member at the desk will then complete a Property Irregularity Report and give you a copy.

Your passport should contain a ticket with a tracking number for your luggage. This would have been attached to your passport when you checked-in for your flight, but if you are in a group, it may be attached to one of your group members. The tracking number is linked to the World Tracer System, which tracks a bag for up to 100 days and will be used to find your luggage.

Under most circumstances, luggage is found within 24 hours and is delivered free of charge to the owner.

Can I get compensation if my bag is delayed or lost?

If luggage is misplaced on your outwards flight, all EU airliners must reimburse your purchases to cover the losses whilst you wait for your luggage, or give you some money. This responsibility could be passed to your insurance company or a previous airliner if you are on a connecting flight.

For more information about happens and what to do, take a look at the Civil Aviation Authority website at

Why does luggage get lost?

If your luggage is missing it is normally due to one of three things.

  1. A belt or infrastructure failure
  2. The tag on the luggage has fallen off
  3. A short connection time has prevented the luggage getting to the aircraft on time.

Lost & Found Desk

If you have lost some property at the airport, such as your phone or handbag, you can report it to the Lost & Found desk in the airport. Hopefully, your property will have been found and handed into this office.

The Lost & Found desk is located on the ground floor in the arrivals hall, and you can contact them on (+34) 928 862 555.