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Fuerteventura Airport Parking

The official parking area at Fuerteventura airport is just a short walk across the service road to the terminal building. On entering the car park, you take a ticket from the entry machine and when you park you keep the ticket with you. There are payment machines in both the arrival and departure halls. The machines accept all Euro notes and coins and give change. There is also a manned payment booth where credit card payments can be made. Once you have paid you have twenty minutes to exit the car park.

There are 1,650 spaces, although 300 of these are allocated to the car rental companies. Locating the car park is very straightforward. Coming from either direction on the FV-2 motorway, you leave at the airport exit. Follow the signs for the terminal and then parking. There is a clearly marked entrance for returning rental cars, but for the main car park, follow the clear signs for P1. All spaces can be used for long or short-term parking. Please note that the maximum vehicle height is 2.3 metres, so do not try to fit your campervan through the barrier!

For disabled passengers, there are convenient spaces for badge holders and there is access to all areas by ramps and/or lifts.

Parking Rates

The first 30 minutes of parking are free which is very useful for picking up and dropping off passengers, especially if you want to say fond farewells.

Short-term parking is very reasonably priced at €0.55 for the first hour, and each subsequent hour at €0.88, up to a maximum of €10.00 per day for the first four days. From the fifth day, the long-term rate is €9.00 per day. However, if you reserve your long-term parking online, the rates are €7.50 per day for the first four days and €6.00 per day after that. So, parking for seven days without booking in advance would cost €67.00 as opposed to €48.00 with an online reservation. You can make an online reservation by using the form above.

There are also additional discounts for Aena Club members. You can find out more information at (website in Spanish).

Drop-Off Zone

If you are dropping off passengers and you do not need to park the car park. There is a drop-off zone directly outside the terminal building, but it is strictly controlled and you cannot stop for more than a minute or two.

You can pick up arriving passengers from here if you know they are there waiting for you, but you cannot wait for them. If you leave your vehicle unattended outside the terminal building it will be immediately towed away and you will face charges to recover it. It is much better to take advantage of the free thirty minutes in the car park.

Off-Site Airport Parking

For long-term parking, as a cost-effective alternative to using the official airport car park, you can pre-book off-site parking which, as the name implies, is a car park facility not actually at the airport, but at a convenient location nearby.

Off-site parking generally operates in two different ways; meet and greet or via a shuttle transfer service between the airport and the car park.

When you book the meet and greet service, you contact the car park operator fifteen minutes before your arrival at the airport and one of their drivers will be there at the appointed time to meet you. They will then take your car to the secure parking facility. On your return, you will be instructed to call as you arrive in the terminal building and the driver will meet you in the arrivals hall. They will take you to your car and you can continue your journey.

If you reserve the shuttle service, you will be instructed to drive directly to the car park. After you check in there you will be transferred to the airport in one of their own vehicles. Some companies require that you leave your car keys while others prefer you to keep them with you.

Whichever option you choose, you will be provided with all the necessary contact details and directions.

You can see all the off-site suppliers, compare their prices, and make an online booking by using the form at the top of this page.