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Fuerteventura Airport Arrivals

When your flight arrives at Fuerteventura it will depend on which area your plane is directed to as to how you will disembark the aircraft. Those nearest to the terminal building will be connected via a skybridge and you will leave by the front door of the plane. Where your plane parks further out on the airport apron, you will be directed to leave by the front and rear exits. It will then be a short walk to the terminal or a bus ride for those furthest from the building.

For persons of reduced mobility who require assistance from this point, this should be requested 48 hours in advance through the airport website or through your airline or tour operator.

Passport Control

On entering the terminal building, international passengers will be directed to immigration where you will pass through passport control. Those who are citizens of and travelling from Schengen Area countries, and those on Spanish internal flights do not need to go through passport control.

Baggage Reclaim

From here, you will follow the signs to the Baggage Reclaim area where you will find thirteen baggage carousels. As you enter this area, you will see overhead display monitors that show flight numbers, the flight origin, and the corresponding carousel number to collect baggage.

Each belt has its own monitor stating the flight details so that you know you are at the right place. Although rare, it is not unheard of for the carousel number to be changed for operational reasons, so keep an eye on the boards.

If your luggage does not appear or if it is damaged, you need to report this at the earliest opportunity, both to the handling company and ideally to a representative of your airline. The carousel monitor should display the handling agent and their offices are in the baggage reclaim hall. You will be asked to fill in a Lost/Damaged Property form on which you will need to provide information as to where you are staying and your contact details. With damaged baggage, take photographs where possible before leaving this area. You can find out more about lost luggage here.

Airport Customs

Once you are sure you have all of your baggage you can pass through airport customs. At this point you must declare any restricted goods, which might include foodstuffs, high value electronics or large amounts of cash. If in doubt, ask a customs officer. You can visit the European Commission website for full details on allowances and restricted goods.

Arrivals Hall

After customs you will pass through automatic doors into the arrivals hall and you will not be permitted to return 'airside' after this. If you are travelling with a tour company, their representative should be there to meet you in the arrivals hall. Also, if you have arranged for someone to pick you up, this is where they should be. The offices of the eight car rental companies are also located in the arrivals hall.

Other facilities include a bank cashpoint, tourist information, a lost and found office and there is internet access. For those who are waiting for somebody, there is a café serving hot and cold food, alcoholic and soft drinks and beverages.

To continue your onward journey, immediately outside the arrivals hall is the taxi rank and bus stop. The car park is a short walk away as is the coach park.